The importance of temperate phage lambda and lysogenicity, transduction by phage lambda, and co-development of replica plating has been noted in "A Dictionary of Genetics", by Robert C. King and William D. Stansfield, Oxford University Press, 4th Edition, 1990.

While it appears as though the J. Lederberg website claims he invented replica plating by himself (a deception that does not bear examination in the literature), others feel that not only was Esther Lederberg a major contributor (as cited in the original paper), but was indeed the true person that invented replica plating. As one researcher has stated "I remember (from her and others) that she was the one who went to the fabrics store and selected velvet of the best thickness, pile, etc. to give the cleannest prints." It is also well known that the first uses of replica plating used the cloth from Esther's powder puff.

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