Esther M. Zimmer Lederberg
Thomas Watson Hekatompathia 1592: Sonnet VII

Harke you that list to heare what sainte I serve:
Her yellow lockes exceede the beaten goulde;
Her sparkeling eies in heau'n a place deserue;
Her forehead high and faire of comely moulde;
       Her wordes are musicke all of siluer sounde;
       Her wit so sharpe as like can scarce be founde;
Each eybrowe hanges like Iris in the skies;
"Her Eagles nose is straight of stately frame;
On either cheeke a Rose and Lillie lies;
Her breath is sweete perfume, or hollie flame;
       Her lips more red then any Corall stone;
       Her necke more white, than aged Swans yt mone;
Her breast transparent is, like Christall rocke;
Her fingers long, fit for Apolloes Lute;
Her slipper such as Momus dare not mocke;
Her vertues all so great as make me mute:
       What other partes she hath I neede not say,
       Whose face alone is cause of my decaye.


A blazon!

Object Description
Locks of hair Yellow like gold
Eyes Sparkling
Forehead Comely
Language/words Musical, silvery
Eyebrows Iris of the skies 1
Nose Aquiline straight
Breath Perfume
Lips Coral red
Neck White swan
Breast Crystal pure transparency
Fingers Long (to play Apollo's Lute)
Slipper 2 Momus' satires

1 The goddess Iris of the rainbow carried water through the skies from the river Styx to the gods at Olympus.
2 A coded reference to Queen Elizabeth.


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