Esther M. Zimmer Lederberg
Professional Honours


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Nobel Prize-quality work
(not awarded due to gender discrimination)

Esther Lederberg was never accorded recognition for all the research that she did:
  1. Implementation of Replica Plating
  2. Discovery of Bacteriophage lambda
  3. Discovery of specialized transduction with lambda
  4. Discovery of Fertility factor F (the first discovered episome)
  5. Galactosemia transduction research with M. Laurance Morse
  6. Participation in the discovery of specialized transduction (with M. Laurance Morse and others)
  7. Maltophilia transduction research with Enrico Calef et al.
  8. Founding and direction of the Plasmid Reference Center
  9. Consultant, Plasmid Nomenclature Committee

For detailed information about Esther M. Lederberg's achievements, click here.

The problems that Esther M. Lederberg had to surmount during the course of her career included attempted falsification of the historical record, misrepresentation, and theft of correspondence and other documentation, supported by gender discrimination. It is rare that one can obtain documentary evidence of deliberate misappropriation of property; to see the evidece of Josh Lederbergs act, click here; to see over 200 letters and papers misappropriated by Joshua Lederberg and displayed on his NLM website, click here.

  1. Stanford Memorial (Dr. Stanley Falkow and Dr. Len Herzenberg)
  2. Diplomas
  3. Awards
  4. Professional Observations
  5. Presidency Sigma XI (Stanford Chapter)
  6. American Association for the Advancement of Science
        Fifty-Year Life Member Certificate
  7. Other Honours
  8. Gordon Conferences
  9. Plasmid Conferences
  10. Stanford Medical School Microbiology Department: 1961
  11. Hopkins Marine Station
  12. "Two Landmarks in Molecular Biology"
        UC-Berkeley honors Esther M. Zimmer Lederberg, Oct. 18, 1995
  13. Torrey Botanical Society (Grace with Esther Zimmer): 1942


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